About Pia

Pia de Jong is a Dutch writer who moved to Princeton, NJ in 2012. In 2022,  she returned to the Netherlands. She now gives lectures about the ex expat life. Also, she often gives talks about her memoire Saving Charlotte, a Mother and the Power of Intuition. She blogs for the John Adams Institute. https://www.john-adams.nl/category/blog/


  • Lange dagen (Long days), Prometheus, 2008. Translated in Italian as Verso Nord, Elliot, 2009. It won the Flemish Golden Owl award and was shortlisted for several other prizes. Film rights are sold.
  • Dieptevrees (Fear of depth), Prometheus 2010.
  • Arthur en de blauwe vogel (Arthur and the blue bird), Vlaamsche filmpjes, a Flemish children’s book publisher.
  • God op zolder (God in the attic) 2007, Vlaamsche filmpjes.
  • Flessenpost (Notes in a bottle), Prometheus 2014. An anthology of her NRC columns and essays.
  • Saving Charlotte, a Mother and the Power of Intuition. A memoir based on events in the year when her newborn daughter, born with a dangerous form of leukemia, survived against all odds.
  • Pia’s America, Prometheus 2018. An anthology of her columns, with illustrations by Eliane Gerrit

Pia de Jong has won several prizes for her short stories and poetry.

From 2010 to 2012 she wrote a weekly column for the Sunday Magazine section of the Dutch Financial Times.

Since her move to the United States, she has written more than 100 weekly Flessenpost columns on the back page of the NRC Handelsblad. NRC is an Amsterdam newspaper with 200,000 subscribers.